East End Fire Company

The East End Volunteer Fire Company of Palo Alto has rendered over ninety-six years of service in this community; meeting in various homes until a building was completed. On October 25, 1907, a lease of a plot of ground at the comer of Penn, and East Savory Streets, opposite the present home of Dominic Dermo was signed. The spring of 1908 a one-story frame building was erected.

A hand-drawn hose carriage, built in 1852 by the Matthews Carriage Works of Pottsville was donated to the company by Borough Council It had previous been in use by the Citizen's Fire Co. of Palo Alto.

Their next piece of equipment was a Model A Ford, which was leased for $1 from Citizen's Fire Co. On Jan. 16 1924 a new Howe Ford Pumper was purchased for $1375.00.

At an early meeting Thomas Collins was elected president. Later, John Emery succeeded him and later, Edward J. Stapleton and Philip J. Whearty served terms as president. The early secretaries were James Collins, Joseph Galo, Peter McDonald and James A. Whearty. William L. Mertz was financial secretary and treasurer from the start of the company until 1933.

The early members of the company were: Thomas Collins, Philip Whearty, John Emery, Edward Stapleton, Frank Condron, Dan Barr, Martin Collier, James Collins, John Mertz, William Collins, William Mertz, Joseph Gallo, Peter McDonald, Joseph Lynaugh, Walter, Ambrose, David Kaiser, Edward Lilly, Edward McCool, William Lynaugh, William McCool, Joseph Carr, Andrew Reiley, Frank Carr, Joseph, Ryan, Joseph McCool, Charles Mertz, Edward Costello, James Whearty, David Carr, Patrick Tobin. There were no initiation fees and members paid 10 cents per month dues. Minutes of the early meeting were not available when this was written and had to be taken from memory, therefore some of the early members may have been omitted.

On March 16, 1919 the company reorganized with Edward J. Stapleton as president; William Scheradin, vice president; James A. Whearty, secretary; William L. Mertz, financial; secretary, treasurer. On April 29, 1919 at 6 p.m., a flag raising, parade and tree planting was held in honor of John Kennedy, Webster Donne and Guy W. Mortimer who had lost their lives in World War 1, Mr. Kennedy being a member of the company. In the summer of 1920 a large carnival was held at the upper bridge and netted a profit of $1, 537.69 for the company.

On January 16 1924, a Howe-Ford 1924 Combination Fire Truck was purchased for $1,375.00. James A. Whearty was elected first chauffeur of truck and Joseph R. Leonard 1st assistant; Joseph Roperto, 2nd assistant; William L. Mertz, 3rd assistant; David Kaiser Sr., 4th assistant and John Taylor, 5th assistant.

On March 6, 1927, Joseph J. Betz's plan for a new hose house were accepted and he was empowered to begin building at present site, 232 East Savory Street. Building was completed in September of 1927.

On October 6, 1927 the fire company was named East End Fire Co., No. 2. Officers elected for year of 1923: Philip J. Whearty, president; Charles R. Mertz, vice-president; James A. Whearty recording secretary; William L. Mertz, financial secretary and treasurer, Seaman Lilly and Ed McCool, trustees; William Collins, foreman; Elmer Taylor, assistant foreman: Dominic Daley, John Olt, and Elmer Taylor, auditors.

Officers for 1932 were as follows: Peter McDonald, president; Charles Mertz, vice-president; James Whearty, recording secretary; William Mertz, financial secretary and treasurer; Charles F. Devine, foreman; Edward McCool, Edward Lilly and Philip J Whearty trustees.

The E. E. Ladies Auxiliary was organized on Oct. 7,1935.

In September, 1936 the company again reorganized with the following charter members: Peter McDonald, Frank Julian, Vincent J. Riotto, Clarence Breininger, Sr. Frank Parry, Christy Joy, James Hoke, Philip McGeory, Frank Reigel, Bernard Julian, William Collins, Andrew Marozas, Harry Trumbo, Sr. Harry Trumbo, Jr., James DeStefano, Michael Grace, Frank Barnes, Andrew McDonald, Charles McDonald, Edward K. Lilly, James A. Whearty, Francis J. Reith, with the following officers: Peter McDonald, president; Philip McGeory, vice-president; Frank H. Reigle, recording secretary; James Hoke, financial secretary; Clarence Breininger, Sr., treasurer, Bernard Julian, Clarence Breininger and James Hoke, trustees.

Officers for 1937 were Peter McDonald, president; Victor Kocher, vice-president; Frank Reigle, recording secretary; William Zieders, treasurer, The same officers were re-elected in 1938.

On February 1, 1938, balance of $248.00 was paid on the building, clearing all debts and title to Ford fire apparatus turned over to the company.

On March 1st, 1938 a lot was purchased from the Lehigh Valley Coal Co., and on June 6, 1939 the lot adjoining the present building was purchased from the same coal company/ On November 21, 1939 they purchased a Seagrave pumper from Springfield, Pa.

During the war years the upstairs of the East End was turned into a sewing room to make clothing for our service men.

In the late 1950's a 1946 Ford 500 G.P.M. pumper was purchased from Auburn Fire Co.

In 1970, the E. E. Ladies Auxiliary was reorganized and with their help with many fund-raisers we were able to purchase in 1975 a 1952 American LaFrance 750 G.P.M. pumper from American Hose Co., Pottsville.

In 1992 they purchased a 1972 Mack pumper from Friendship Fire Co., Englewood. In September 2003 the present Engine was purchased, a 2000 Freightliner from Simon Fire Equipment in Iowa. It was made possible through the hard work and dedication of the members and residents.

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