Borough Government

From the incorporation of the borough in 1814, when Walter S. Chilson was elected chief burgess to the early 1960's, the chief executive' officer was the chief burgess, but on May 23, 1961 an Act of the Pennsylvania State Legislature abolished the burgess title and created the title of Mayor for all cities' and boroughs. The last chief burgess was William Joseph Webber who held the office from 1941. He was mayor until his death on March 13, 1973. His widow, Mrs. Mae Webber, served as acting mayor for his unexpired term. In November 1973, Edward M. Burns was elected to the office. Other chief burgesses who have served down through the years included John Anderson, James Mcintyre, Cornelius Haggerty, John Carr, P. D. Barnett, P. J. McIntyre, John Morrisey, E. B. Moyer, James B. Goldsmith, Simon Ritzel, Daniel Cook, and Joseph W. Becker.

In addition to the routine work of carrying on the government of the: community, the borough officials have been responsible for the completion of two playgrounds, the establishing of free garbage collection, the paving of Savory and Cadbury streets and many side streets, the erection and maintenance of a Borough Hall. Two additional recreational projects arc now being planned; a playground at Tuscarora and Randolph Streets and a baseball field at the site of the water tower. The borough council has also assumed the responsibility for the care and maintenance of the War Memorial.

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